Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Going HOME! :)

Yes!!  Thank you, Lord!!!!!!!!  There is going to be one very happy family to be together tonight.:)  I have missed them so much and ready to be a mama and wife again.  Ready for some major snuggle time together. Ahh makes my heart melt just thinking about it.  I'm just waiting for the antibiotic to run through, then I'm dressed and out the door.:)

The Infectious Disease doctor came in yesterday and said my liver count was up. Well, today they were up even higher so he ordered an ultrasound of my liver along with some extra blood work and for me to be seen by my GI before leaving.  The nurse came in saying that since it has gone down a little they were going to allow me to go home. :)  So happy:)

Everyone here has been wonderful!!!  I pray that during my time here I was able to help them and let the Light shine in me.  Some even opened up asking me to pray regarding things they are going through.  I once again, through this stay, stand amazed and in awe of the power of God.  With the infection and sepsis both a week ago landing me in ICU, I very well could be not be here and be 6 feet under.  I don't want to take the small things for granted.  For it is the little things in life that truly mean a lot.    

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