Monday, October 8, 2012

It's been a good day!

Wow!!  Where do I start?  My mind is all over the place-mostly from exhaustion.:)  Neither Shane or I slept well at all last night.  Don't know why exactly, but this body needed more than just an hour of rest after making the trip here.

This morning was a bit rough start.  I was ready to leave for the day and was getting ready to do my hair when I noticed that the front of my shirt was all damp and so was my skirt.  In checking things out-my TPN had a hole in the cartridge so it was leaking all over me.  Agh... the stuff stinks too.  Thank the Lord I had only been hooked up to the bag for about an hour and so I didn't loose a lot.  I had to hurry, clean up and change clothes and do my hair all in 20 minutes.  We had to be in the lobby to catch the shuttle for Cleveland Clinic.  We got down to the lobby with a few minutes to spare and sit and relax.

We got there and took another shuttle to another building.  This place is huge!!! It is like a city within a city.  We got to the building and checked in where I needed to be.  Since we were early, I went to another area to thank a lady who helped me with the appointment and getting to see the doctor that I needed to see.

Got back up to the waiting area and I was really early but they still took me back and did vitals and all that good stuff.  She went ahead and put me into a room where we waited a little bit.  The nutritionist came in and spent an hour going over things with the TPN and background on everything.   Afterwards,  the doctor came in and we spent an hour with him.  He was so nice and understanding.  He had studied my records and knew everything ahead of time.

The game plan is for me to get built up in weight.  He wants to increase the calories a lot more.  He said basically my body is in starvation mode and that is why I'm still so easily tired.  Before I could say how I feel and things he was describing things just how I felt.  He wants to see me in 3 months and have gained some weight by then and be fattened up.  When I come back, we'll talk about a smart pill that takes measurements and things of the intestine. Last resort, which he said I am a candidate for, would be an intestinal transplant.  He sounded very promising on it even, but it would be a last resort.  Just the weight gain with the TPN he said will help make a difference.

I have an appointment with a nurse tomorrow to go over TPN and some ethanol locks we'll do to help prevent any line infections.  I think things are heading in the right direction.  We are so glad that the Lord opened the door for me to come and to God be the glory for all He has done!!!  Thank you for all your prayers!!!  Love-Jamie

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