Sunday, October 7, 2012

I have arrived!!!

I am curled up with a blanket in my room at the hotel here in Cleveland!!! :) I wasn't sure if I could handle too much longer in the car!

It was beautiful seeing all the colors in the leaves.  God is an artist.  It was gorgeous seeing one tree three shades of color.  It is for sure a fall day with the bit of drizzle that was in the crisp air.

I do have to say that Cleveland is a bit scary.  In less then 10 minutes, we saw 5 cop cars all in different spots.  Thank the Lord for them, but WOW!!  I don't even see that many in Chicago the trip there and back home.  The hotel is nice and the bed seems comfy.  We'll see when I wake up in the morning how things went.  I do have another room at another hotel reserved for tomorrow, just in case;).

It was a rough morning getting ready for church and having one child crying :(.   She has an extra tender heart and when we are away at the hospital and things, she gets upset.  She has a right to be, considering how she has seen me at some pretty rough bumps in life when I was wondering if I would even make it. Please remember to keep the kiddos in your prayers this week also as it is hard on them too!:(  Thank the Lord for a wonderful brother and sis in-law to take 3 extras in.

I'll update the blog sometime tomorrow to let you know how things go. We will take a shuttle to Cleveland Clinic.  I have my first appointment at 11:45 and see the doctor at 1 pm.  Thank you for all your prayers, love, and support for me!!!!!  Love-jamie

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