Friday, October 12, 2012

Home and Comments

It feels so good to be in my own bed and at home with my husband and 3 missed kiddos.  We got home around 2pm on Wednesday.  We couldn't get home quick enough.  Shane was fighting a head cold and little cough and I had a sinus headache and sore throat and my GP symptoms.  Usually, I am prepared in case I have to get sick all of a sudden, but not Wednesday. Thank goodness there was a cup handy.

When we got home and unpacked the car, I went straight to bed and stayed there till the kids came home from church.  I had one that clung to me when she got home and was all smiles.  Ahh:)  We quickly jumped back into routine again with school being the next day.  Morning went well with smiles on faces.  It is so good to be back home and back into the groove of things here with the family.

We are going to have a special afternoon today since the kiddos get out at noon.  I have some pretzels in a can that we can bake and put some cinnamon and sugar on and play Pictionary with fall ideas and maybe some 'Apples to Apples'.

I have been having several issues with people leaving comments saying they are unable to or they are not showing up.  Just to make things easier for now till I know how to fix things, we'll just use my email for the comments.  My email address is   Sorry if you were one who had a note that didn't get to me.

Looking forward to this weekend!  Can't wait to have some family time.  To relax and enjoy the family and the fall weather. :)  God is so great!!! Enjoy your weekend and count your blessing!  So much to be thankful for!!

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