Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the Hospital

Yesterday took a quick turn for the worse.  Woke up with a normal 96 temp and within 3 hours was hitting 99 accompanied with chills, body aches and chest pain.  A quick call to the doctor's office confirmed the decision to get to the ER.

Once I got to the ER, my temp had already climbed to 102 and blood pressure was in the 70's.  Blood cultures and labs were drawn and I was sent to ICU for Sepsis.

Today, I have had one unit of blood due to my Hemoglobin level being at a 7.1, antibiotics, TEE to look for any infection in the heart, nuclear scan to rule out blood clot, and finally had the Hickman line pulled this afternoon due to blood cultures showing both Staph and Sepsis both.

Now I can hopefully get some rest.  Still in the ICU, so it's a bit loud, but hopefully can be out in a regular room by tomorrow.  Everyone here has been great, but home is calling me.  Can't wait to be with the kids again.

My new Christmas Tree!!
This was all running at the same time!

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