Sunday, October 28, 2012

Report from room 421

It was a surprising day today! I knew with church and all that Shane and the kids would not be making it up to see me today, which I understood. I knew with the way things usually go with 3 kids on Sunday and all, that it would be a bit crazy to try making it up here. But as I was just resting, in walks my Prince Charming. What a wonderful surprise for me! He said he was missing me...and I was definitely missing him!!! Ahh:) It was nice to just be the two of us and talk for a bit before he had to leave. Thank you, Babe, for being there for me always and for making my day:)

  Not too much going on medically. They are talking of doing the PICC line in the morning. I have had a nasty headache along with my blood pressure being high, so they gave me some Lasix to try to help things. They are concerned of doing a blood pressure pill with my pulse being low and also of the pill lowering my blood pressure too much. It is nothing too big for God, so I'm just praying it straightens up on its own.

I had to chuckle this morning. You know you've been in the hospital too long when dietary sends a note on your tray saying they are out of cherry icee (Italian Ice) cups. Oops;) That's my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack in betweens;)

I did get up and walk the hallway 3 times today:) It was one of those good but worn worn out feelings. No pain though, no gain. Hope all goes well for tomorrow and that we will be able to get HOME.
I am grateful to all the doctors and RN's and staff that have taken care of me. They have all been so wonderful and some have gone above and beyond!!! I want to continue to give God all the glory for HE has and is doing great things.

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