Friday, October 26, 2012

Out of ICU and on the Regular Floor:)

I made it out of ICU today!:) Everyone was wonderful and they are some great nurses but it will be nice to be in a regular room where I can have my own bathroom and take an actual shower. I am in one of the new rooms which are nice and my view overlooks the river and "skyline" of Dixon.  Very pretty in the daytime seeing all the trees across the river vibrant in color. At night, it looks pretty with all the lights of the town glowing. Ahh sounds like vacation to me;) Just teasing, but you do have to make the best of the situation and that is what I choose to do:).

My preliminary report on my infection came back negative, but they are waiting for the final report to come back-hopefully tomorrow.  If all is clear then the PICC line can be put in on Saturday or Sunday.  They have a team of nurses who do them and one just came in a bit ago and went thru the process of the procedure with me so it helped ease my mind a lot.  The last one I had did not go well and they have changed the way they do them.

Last night was a bit rough.  After settling in for the night around 12 midnight in the early morning hours over the intercom was a code atlas meaning a patient was getting combative.  Shortly after that a code blue was called and you could hear the ICU nurse taking the cart down the hall.  All I could do was pray and have a heart of thanksgiving it wasn't me that was being worked on.  They brought her up and she was a little noisy and then they must not have thought there was enough excitement going on in the place because the lights in the hall were flashing and you hear code orange, meaning fire.  Whew- glad it wasn't a real on and we weren't having to go down the stairwell all in our matching gowns that are one size fits all and backless:) Ha!  Wouldn't that be something. :/

I did have an allergic reaction to the vacomyocin twice yesterday and so they switched it to penicillin or a type of it and had a delayed reaction to it so just praying that my body won't react to the next dose.

I am so greatful to the Lord for being by my side thru all this.  He's so faithful!!  Also want to say thank you for your continued prayers and emails of encouragement.  Helps the time to pass a bit quicker, especially when Shane and Kelsey leave in the evening.  Tomorrow, all my kiddos will get to be with me and I am so much looking forward to some mommy snuggle time with them.  :)  Again, thank you!


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