Thursday, October 25, 2012

Still in ICU

Thank you for all the prayers, support, and, love.  I do believe that God is hearing your prayers, so keep them coming!  Thank you!!

The doctor came in this morning and said that I am doing better, but not out of the woods yet.  On top of the staph and sepsis, I'm having a drop in my hemoglobin even with the unit of blood I received.  So today they are giving me 2 units of blood.  So much can be applied spiritually to it ("that'll preach!").

Also so thankful to those who donate blood.  They are helping me in a mighty big way.  If you are able to donate blood, please go and donate a pint.  I understand if you are unable to, but how rewarding it makes you feel by doing it.  I use to donate blood and it was a wonderful feeling knowing you were helping someone else.  I believe that 1 pint of your helps to save 3 lives.

Hopefully tomorrow I can be moved out onto the floor.  I would love to take a shower and wash my hair. Thank the Lord I can at least wash up at the bedside in the morning and nite.

The care from everyone has been so wonderful.  So thankful to God for His love and Caring Hand upon my life and for once again saving me at death's door.

For some reason I can't get my comments to work, so if you want leave a message please leave it under my email  Thank you!


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