Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's been a good day:)

Today was a special day for me. Shane brought the kids up around lunch and they had packed them a lunch to eat up here in the room with me. The kids were so excited and told me all about their week at school, we went over school work and read books. We went to the sunroom this afternoon so I could get a walk in and stayed there about an hour. The kids colored and I just enjoyed watching them from my chair. Afterwards, we played a game of UNO. That was lots of fun for all of us. I was pretty tired out by that point, so we came to my room and Kailey curled up in the bed and we snuggled together in napped. Shane was with Matthew in a chair and Kesley snuggled with my robe in another chair. Then they went and had supper, giving me a break and some more rest, then came back to pray with me and and say goodnight.:) What a wonderful day.:) Melted my heart to pieces.
Still waiting for the final report to come back to get cleared for the PICC line. Most likely, it will be placed tomorrow.
Not too much else going on besides a very distended abdomen due to all the fluids and a major headache which could be from my blood pressure being up alot higher than normal.
Thankful to the Lord for being on my side and for saving me with this infection once again. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging emails.

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