Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's been a bit rough, but God's still good!:)

I'm still recovering from my Hickman insertion.  You won't hear me say too often that ice feels good on it. ;0  It's still swollen a lot and is starting to bruise.  But all looks good and it's to be expected I'm sure.  I felt going into surgery that all was going to go well-boy was I wrong, but thank the Lord He was with me watching over me with the doctor and staff there!  I am sure the Lord kept His hand on me from so much more that could have gone wrong.:)  I am BLESSED!!

I am trying to, little by little, get the kids packed and things ready for Cleveland.:)  We are leaving out after church Sunday afternoon.  That will give me time to rest and be ready for my appointment on Monday at 1pm.   I need to finish getting my charts all put together and ready.  Slowly, but surely, I'm getting there!  We won't know until after my appointment Monday of about how long we will be staying.

The kiddos have Friday off! YEA!  I plan on doing some special things with them  before leaving.  I know it will be hard for all of us.  Matthew keeps asking when he gets to take his trip(meaning to my brother and sis. in-law's)  He is so funny:)  He is looking forward to playing with his cousin.

I am trying to stay out of the ER and stay well.  We went Tuesday nite, they think it may be an inner ear problem causing some dizziness.  I am doing better tonight.  Since the surgery it just hasn't taken much to make me feel exhausted, but I am getting there!:)

Just wanted to keep you updated and thank you for all your prayers!!!    LOVE YOU-Jamie:)

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