Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Day in Room 421

Still camped out in room 421. Found out today that insurance would only cover 14 days of the antibiotic so they are having to send it back in and resubmit to them tomorrow for 21 days. Please pray that all goes thru tomorrow and quickly so I can get home. I am so ready!!!

I am very much missing my family. I know it's not easy for them either. I am so blessed with such wonderful children and the GREATEST Husband!!!! They have been thru a lot also.

I am just now getting rid of a headache and neck pain I've had the past few days. I am finally feeling relief. Ahh.

Been up walking the hallways and sitting in a chair most of the nite. Hope to get some good rest and be ready to go home tomorrow. Gonna go for one more walk right now and munch on a cherry icee. YUM!!:)

Thanks again for all your prayers!!


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